Episode 16

The Sinking of H.M.S Doterel

Season: 3 Episode: 16

While at anchor at Sandy Point, Punta Arenas, Chile on Apr. 26, 1881 waiting to take on coal, an explosion occurred on the new screw sloop HMS Doterel, half a minute later a second more powerful explosion destroyed the ship and sent her to the bottom. The entire episode took about three minutes, but it would take over a year to discover what had caused the loss.

Here's a full list of those who lost their lives in this incident...

Adamson, William Private (Royal Marines) Served as Adams

Alder, Thomas C. Engine Room Artificer

Aldridge, James Stoker 2nd Class

Armitage, David Gunner (Royal Marines)

Arnold, Philip C. Able Seaman

Arthur, William D. Blacksmith

Baigen, Frederick Stoker

Baker, James Stoker

Barnes, Thomas E. Ward Room Steward

Barnicott, James J. Ship's Corporal 1st Class

Barrett, William H. Stoker

Bell, Jabez Able Seaman

Berry, Andrew Chief Engine Room Artificer

Biddington, John Private (Royal Marines)

Bish, George 2nd Captain Main Top

Blackmore, George Chief Boatswain's Mate

Blake, Henry Ordinary Seaman

Bolt, Henry Able Seaman

Bowmer, Henry Stoker

Bramley, Robert Leading Stoker

Bullivant, David Stoker

Burgess, William Leading Seaman

Burgoyne, Henry Leading Seaman

Bush, John Ordinary Seaman

Camp, George Private (Royal Marines)

Charlo, Henry Stoker 2nd Class

Clarke, Walter Boy 1st Class (Age 17)

Clayton, Charles Captain's Steward

Collins, Michael Drummer (Royal Marines)

Colville, Herbert Private (Royal Marines)

Common, William B. Able Seaman

Considine, Hugh Captain's Cook

Cook, Abraham C. Leading Seaman

Cook, William Stoker

Creagh, Arthur R. McD. Lieutenant

Daley, Daniel Quartermaster

Damsell, Charles Private (Royal Marines)

Davis, William Sailmaker

Dean, Arthur Private (Royal Marines)

Dine, Frederick Ordinary Seaman

Driscoll, Jeremiah Gunner (Petty Officer)

East, George Ordinary Seaman

Elliott, William Ordinary Seaman

Emmett, James Private (Royal Marines)

Evans, John Stoker

Evans, Septimus Staff Surgeon

Exten, Thomas Boy 1st Class

Farmer, John Able Seaman

Faulkner, John 2nd Captain Foretop

Fisher, Ephraim Private (Royal Marines)

Forrest, William C. Lieutenant

Furness, William Stoker 2nd Class

Gibbons, Luther Ordinary Seaman

Gimber, George Ward Room Servant

Godfrey, Joseph Stoker 2nd Class

Goldfinch, Thomas H.Stoker

Gowen, Samuel J. Able Seaman

Green, Charles Leading Stoker

Gurr, George Ordinary Seaman

Hames, Charles Ordinary Seaman

Hardy, Robert 2nd Captain Main Top

Harfield, Alfred R. Ordinary Seaman

Harper, Samuel T. Engine Room Artificer

Hawkes, Charles Private (Royal Marines)

Hemers, Charles Signalman 3rd Class

Hollis, Charles Leading Seaman

Holton, William Sailmate

Hosking, William Able Seaman

Howard, Edmund Able Seaman

Hull, James N. 2nd Captain Foretop

Irving, Charles M. Clerk (Petty Officer)

Jarrett, George Stoker

Jeffrey, Alfred Boy 1st Class

Jenkins, Frederick Ward Room Servant

John, Levi Boy 1st Class (Age 17)

Keating, Christopher Stoker 2nd Class

King, Thomas Engine Room Artificer

Kingsnorth, James H. Engine Room Artificer

Lawrence, Job Leading Seaman

Legget, David 2nd Captain Forecastle

Lloyd, John Gunner (Royal Marines)

Lownds, James Ordinary Seaman

Manuel, Fred P. Engine Room Artificer

Marley, Willie F. Private (Royal Marines)

Martin, Daniel Stoker 2nd Class

Mathurist, Joseph Able Seaman

May, James R. Carpenter's Crew

McIver, Samuel A. Able Seaman

Meredith, John Plumber

Metcalf, William Ordinary Seaman

Mills, Henry Signalman 2nd Class

Mormen, John T. Able Seaman

Myers, Henry Boy 1st Class

Newell, James Cook 2nd Class

Nicholls, William Ordinary Seaman

Nixon, George Private (Royal Marines)

Ord, William Engineer (Petty Officer)

Palmer, Joseph Bombardier (Royal Marines)

Parker, Thomas Stoker

Payne, James Stoker

Pearce, John Ward Room Cook

Powell, W. T. Private (Royal Marines)

Pratten, Frank Gunner (Royal Marines)

Pridham, William Armourer

Priest, William H. Ordinary Seaman

Prior, Edwin A. Leading Stoker

Pugsley, John Colour Sergeant (Royal Marines)

Quinnear, George C. Able Seaman

Ranger, John Boy 1st Class

Read, William Chief Engineer

Roberts, Thomas Private (Royal Marines)

Robinson, Richard F. Ship's Steward Assistant

Rowe, William Stoker 2nd Class

Rudd, Frederick Cooper

Ryder, George Stoker

Schofield, Joe Boy 1st Class

Scott, Ernest Ordinary Seaman

Selwood, Henry Stoker 2nd Class

Silvester, Alfred T. Ship's Steward 3rd Class

Simpson, Edward Ward Room Servant

Sisk, Patrick Boy 1st Class (Age 17)

Skinner, Henry C. Able Seaman

Slack, Edwin Ordinary Seaman

Smith, Charles Ordinary Seaman

Smith, Henry 2nd Captain Quarterdeck

Stamp, William C. Boy 1st Class (Age 16)

Taylor, Frederick Stoker 1st Class

Taylor, Henry Signalman

Taylor, William M. Boatswain (Petty Officer)

Tilbury, George J. Able Seaman

Toomey, James J. Able Seaman

Travis, John Private (Royal Marines)

Walch, Stephen Stoker 2nd Class

Walters, Charles Private (Royal Marines)

Watson, Henry Carpenter's Crew

Welch, Joseph Private (Royal Marines)

Whitehead, Thomas Stoker

Williams, Ornard Painter 2nd Class

Wilson, Francis Captain Coxswain

Wilson, George R. G. Ordinary Seaman

Wingett, Richard Able Seaman

Winter, William Quartermaster

Wright, William Warrant Officer's Cook


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